Handmade Non Medical Mask - Striped Pattern

Handmade Non Medical Mask - Striped Pattern

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Handmade Non Medical Masks 3 layers with a sewn in filter..  The middle layer PROTECT-ME BY ALBSTOFFE 


Trevira-Bioactive contains fibres with silver ions firmly integrated within them, which have an antimicrobial effect and thus inhibit the growth of bacteria.  This ensures the fabric remains permanently fresh after many washes and is odour free. Trevira-Bioactive is manufactured as a continuous microfilament with many tiny capillaries which gives good filter performance.

Albstoffe Protect-Me is perfect for sportswear, activewear, snoods and can be used for non-medical facial protection.

•             Contains an active substance with permanently antimicrobial effect

•             Inhibits the growth of bacteria in and on the fibre

•             Proven to have no effect on the skin

•             Increases and improves cleanliness

•             Lends a feeling of freshness

•             Inhibits the microbial development of odour in textiles


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